I basically do the same thing, but with Pizza Pops… and it’s a lot more frequent than just Wednesdays

by itsmyblogofnourse

My lovely and talented friend Nicole (who may have a bit too much time on her hands) bakes cupcakes. Every Wednesday. She has a blog. It’s called (drumroll please…..) CUPCAKE WEDNESDAY! She makes amazingly delicious cupcakes out of the goodness of her heart for anyone willing to come to her house Wednesday nights to claim one (a veiled attempt at bribing people for their friendship? Maybe, but I don’t mind). She also sells them and is willing to (Mom, if you’re reading this, stop right now!) dress up in a funny outfit and deliver one cupcake to my Mom at her office on Valentines Day. She’s committed to her craft people. You can even vote for the flavour of cupcake you want her to bake each week! It’s so democratic!

Just to be sure you caught the link http://cupcake-wednesday.blogspot.com/