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If a picture’s worth a thousand words…

…then Instagram pictures must be work ONE MILLION WORDS! Hence, I think these Instagram shots should sufficiently make up for my lack of posting over the last, oh… little while. Hats, crafts, friends, food, puppy, those are my layers people.



Double shot of dream men


How to sleep with me 101**

1) Find a friend

2) Compose a song about penetration

3) Have beards

4) Repeat

For more instruction, refer to this video.

*Disclaimer: I have not slept with either members of Flight of the Conchords.

**Disclaimer: But I would.

Gotta stand out like Andre 3K

Andre 3000 should rap bed time stories to me. Every night. Erotic bedtime stories.

I guess Drake can come too, but I draw the line at Lil Wayne.

Moon songs in the morning

Favourite song, remixed

Last weekend I saw my favourite GTA/Niagara Region (Hamilton… I think it’s up for debate) band Arkells perform in at the Hamilton Convention Centre, and ever since I’ve been riding a wave of love for them. It was the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen them, and similar to the way I feel each time I finish watching “The Princess Bride”, I am never disappointed. Anyhoo, this, paired with constant procrastination of homework (yes, it’s only the second week of the semester. Who do you think you are, Judge Reinhold?!) lead to lots of YouTube wandering, which let me to THIS video! A beautiful piano version of my current favourite Arkells tune “On Paper”. For some reason the audio is paired with a Lana Del Ray video, but I chose to close my eyes and enjoy it all the same.

You can thank me later…

Back to school = Back to beard spotting

The first week of January was a grim one. The shock of Christmas shopping credit card bills resulted in all those remorseful shoppers staying home instead of shopping for hats. Thus, I had zero shifts at work. However, most people who maintain real jobs went back to work, so my social rolodex shrunk significantly. And, holiday excitement officially wore off while holiday exhaustion kicked in, so nobody (myself included) could summon the energy to leave their homes. Even if they spent their days sleeping till 3, eating melted cheese off a plate, and doing nothing but watching marathons of “Roseanne” and “Say Yes to the Dress” (not me obviously, that was… a friend). 6 days of this was incredibly depressing, or, so my friend told me. So this week when I finally went back to school, it was a big shock to my system to say the least. The first challenge obviously was waking up. I won’t lie, there was a day or two that I showed up to school in the same sweat pants that I’d slept in. I wisely kept my shame hidden beneath my giant parka. Furthermore, I was barely able to even summon brain power to a) listen in class, b) maintain focus long enough to read a 14 line poem, c) function period. Luckily the first week is never too demanding, so big picture speaking, it’s best to be zoned out this week than any other time throughout the semester. Since I granted myself this allowance, I’ve been partaking in my favourite brain dead school activity: beard watching. I position myself in the caf, on a hallway bench, or in my current location, in the library (at a table by the front door so I can watch the beard parade march through). The bearded objects of my gaze are prime for creeping right now because of all of the aforementioned laziness that I went through last week. Just as I am too out of it worry about behaving/dressing in a way that is socially acceptable, men with facial hair-a-plenty are too zoned out to remember to shave. We’ve also had our first snowfall of the season this week, and a bearded gentleman would be a fool to remove his built in face-warmer for fear of getting frost bite. So, while my brain may not be fully functioning this week, my eyesight sure is. So bearded gentlemen of Brock, I must thank you. If it wasn’t for you all I’d have to stare at would be my Zach Galifianakis screensaver, and he’s been smothering me a bit lately.Image